Administrative Services

Included with SinglePoint is a variety of valuable services to help HR professionals save time and money, and reduce headaches.

  • Online Administration Platform: Provides everything you need to quickly manage the daily process of benefits administration. Eligibility, enrollment, billing, and reporting can all be accessed through our online platform.

    Employees quickly and easily enroll themselves and their dependents online, without the need to read through benefits booklets and eligibility files. The system ensures that employees only view benefits they and their dependents are eligible for while also providing easy-to- understand plan comparisons.

    We also simplify the communication of benefits information to employees. With the click of a button, all eligible employees receive information on plans, coverage costs, benefit statements and more.

  • HR Support Center

Also included within our Administrative Services:

  • Billing consolidation and reconciliation
  • Case installation
  • Open enrollment presentations
  • COBRA administration
  • 5500 processing
  • SPHR partner
  • Legal and compliance resources
  • Mailing services